I like colour

I like colour – I like to dye my fabric in rich colours. Very often my fabrics are not dyed for a particular project. They happen because I like playing with colour and feel a need to dye fabric. These fabrics fell into the “I need to dye and print” activity mode. I made them last week. I had to use a dryer to dry the breakdown screens – the weather here has been so wet that the screens had absorbed water from the atmosphere.

Currently, I am doing a sketchbook/drawing inspiration course with Susan Yeates, http://www.magenta-sky.com/. This month, the theme is colour. I am working with yellow – it is bright and cheerful. I have been taking photos of yellow objects and painting in watercolour which is not a medium I use very often. From my breakfast bar, sunflowers which are in abundance in the shops in the UK at the moment.

As well as collecting images and objects in yellow, I am supposed to be drawing them – time to stop procrastinating and start drawing, I think.

I hope the sun is shining where you are – the French celebrate Bastille Day today. Keep well and safe.


Well, we are living in a very odd world at the moment – the stuff of sci-fi novels of the 60’s. It has, in theory, given us all more time to jobs but it is difficult to focus and most of us are spending more time checking up on friends and relatives.

So it seems a good time to experiment – I do have some deadlines but not for a while so I am playing with reverse applique. This one was okay until I washed it to make the top fabric fray. Wet, it is much more fun. So the next piece will use dyed organdie as the top so that it is transparent and the breakdown cloth shows all over. That is the theory.