Using scraps

I was clearing out some cut offs for a friend who wanted some bright fabric for project she is doing. I found some bright colours with circles on them. She didn’t get these!! They have been made up into a small sample that has potential to be scaled up.

Pieced Circles

As I was only experimenting, the pieces are just ironed onto a iron-on Vilene. Not a technique to be repeated as it was quite difficult to make the pieces meet cleanly. The patches need to be properly pieced for future pieces.

Zoom has become the latest social media tool for everyone worldwide. It is no longer the preserve of business communities. My husband is even using it for his virtual pub evenings. All attendees sit with a drink and nibbles and the conversation isn’t much different (better) to it was in the pub.

Interestingly enough, it has changed the way my quilting group, CQ West, is communicating. We have had to be more disciplined about talking at our meetings. Side chats are impossible – a good thing!! Overtalking each other has been minimised by the Mute button. Will Zoom be one of the tools we use when life normalises? Time will tell.

Hope you are finding time to experiment. Also that you are keeping well and safe

New Work

Last week’s real work is nearly finished. I have completely quilted it and cut back the reverse applique. I have cut it almost to size. The jury is now out – do I bind it, do I face it or go with my current inclination to heavily stitch the edges and then cut it to the exact size, 70cm wide and 100cm high. Any form of binding or facing will be be a bit lumpy. The photo isn’t great as I used my phone.

Zulu Bracelets
Detail before I cut back the circles.

I hope that you are keeping well and safe where you live.

With best wishes

Two more weeks of lockdown

It has been another two weeks of lockdown. It has its ups and downs, for me and everyone I know.

The ups – I had a corona birthday. I thought it would be very subdued but my husband excelled himself. I woke to this banner in our bedroom:

He also sourced 3 virus t-shirts – “It is my birthday party and you are not invited”, a martini glass with “quarantini” below and a Mona Lisa image wearing a mask. I have kept all my cards and plan to bind them into a book as a historical memory of the odd time we are living through.

I have been doing a lot of techie work – tidying up websites and building a new one. Creativity with fabric has been slow to put it mildly. I have started my SAQA donation quilt, a 12 by 12 inch piece – due for July 1st. It had to have a corona theme and here is the fabric:

I cut a paper stencil and applied it to a permanent screen with my scribble on it. It was a surprising result that I am really pleased with. Discharged, of course. And now I have a jug of formusol to do more printing with. But I had better stitch this mini quilt first.

Another Quilt for Munich

I have now finished my second quilt to go to Munich with zero3, Study in Aubergine 1.  Well, it still needs a label but I have done the bindings and sleeve which I hate doing. Here it is finished and photographed for my artist statement:

Study in Aubergine 1 Christine Seager

For a change, I have faced this quilt as I felt my usual binding would complicate the edges.

On the social networking scene, I have had a number of Facebook friends requests which I have accepted. This means I should update my Facebook page and then start keeping it updated. My eldest son has just cycled from Alaska to Washing DC kept us up-to-date using Instagram so I also need to pay some attention to my Instagram account – so much to do and so little time.

Til next time


Decision Time

This summer has been proved difficult to focus on my creative work – too much travelling, mostly on the boat and demands made by elderly parents. I have definitely lost direction so last weekend I planned for at least the next six months. I decided my priorities are the exhibitions I am committed to and my sketchbooks. Book making will have to wait until I have more time at home.

I should have put my entry into the Fine Art Quilt Masters 2015 online before now – it did not get accepted but will be going to Munch in the Autumn with zero3, a group that accepted me as a member in March. Here it is – “Private Thoughts”

Private Thoughts - Christine Seager

The parchment scrolls hold my own thoughts on my creative process. Here is a detailed photo of the scrolls.

Private Thoughts _Christine Seager detail

I was sorry not to get selected but I think it is good that this year we will see new makers.

I am halfway through my other quilt for Munich and hopefully you will see it soon. As well as my pretend writing, it has some markings with my Matthew Harris tool.

Hope you are having a good summer.

Going home

The CQ Dislocation quilts are going home. Margaret Pratt kindly bought them south from under Hilary Grayson’s studio table where they have been stored between exhibition events. Thank you, Hilary and Margaret.

Here are some of them ready to go to our local My Hermes depot.


Sorting out the parcels is only one of my excuses – April’s book is not finished and we are halfway through May!!! and I have quilts to start and finish.

Better get back to work……..

Fragments of War

In the autumn, one of the groups I belong to, South West Textile Group, is having an exhibition in the Museum of Somerset. The theme is Imprints and we have to base our work on an object in the museum. In the Military section, there is an old flag from a Japanese prisoner of war camp. It is a Japanese flag with the red sun in the centre and Japanese text radiating from the central red circle.  Using that as inspiration, I have printed Japanese text which says “fragments of war” using a thermofax and screen printed red circles on white fabric. I then dyed several batches of 2 metres of fabric in red, completely failing to match the red of the circles.  Eventually, I gave up and went to my local quilting ship and purchased a matching commercial fabric – all rules broken!! But it does work.  Here is an image of the top – sandwiching and quilting still to happen.

Fragments of War WIP

Thanks, Amelia of Thermofax Printing for making my thermofax screen.

More old boats

Or parts of them. This is a small rusty boat. Lots of acrylic paint and Markal stick on discharged cloth. Quite difficult to cut up the fabric as it looked so good. It has inserted pink silk – which was too much and had to be knocked back with a thermofax and black ink.


And the next one – a real experiment and the jury is still out. I FMQ’d it and I am not sure that was the right thing to do. I also decided to shape the edges. That made it really difficult to photograph as the white felt on which it is hung looks grey.


And my last creation of the week – a hat with pom-poms to go with a clown’s outfit. Don’t ask. It is not for me!


Well, Christmas is coming and my husband has to stand in the street and rattle a tin.

Wide Horizons

I have just been told by Gul, the Wide Horizons organiser, that the exhibition will be going to the USA and be shown at seven venues – WOW!!

So my piece, Taste of India, will be better travelled in the States than I am!!! Here it is – not sure why I didn’t blog it when I was accepted into the competition in August for the European venues.


Happy travelling.