Making progress with Project 2103

I have been stitching more often and my patches are nearly all done – 2 to go. So I laid them all out on the table to see how I might put them together. I didn’t make any decisions but here they are all laid out.




I shall probably just scope them all up as I now need to think seriously how to put them together.

No peace for the wicked.

Another year vanishes

How did 2013 disappear so fast?? It has been a busy and productive year. I now have 7 Pieces of Crow made – the last two just need binding.

Project 2013 is leaking into 2104. Here are the relative piles. I am winning but there is still a way to go.


And here are a few of my favourites:


I have also joined SAQA this year which is an American/International quilt art group. I have joined their Visioning Program which enables planning and reporting on progress. I also joined their Art Critique group. Currently, I am uncertain about it as most of the group make representational quilts and the critique is sometimes very directive as if they were experts – “do this, move this” without any reasons rather than suggestive! I may reassess my membership of this sub group if it isn’t more constructive for me.

Next year brings lots of calls for entry which is going to be a challenge but an interesting one.

Wishing you all the best for the new year.

Project 2013 – Pieces 22 and 23

Very slow progress as I was hemming binding most evenings last week. I finished a new Pieces of Crow and completed a quilt I started early last year that was abandoned to make bigger pieces for Festival of Quilts in August. Will show you those in another post.


Piece 22 – still struggling when the piece is very patterned. However, I have made french knots work on a piece.


Piece 23 – lots more french knots in variegated thread. And kantha – could get boring for you!

Back to my latest piece – am working on a quilt to go into the Bristol Guild Gallery in July. The exhibition is called “Suspension”. May show you work in progress later this week. It won’t get quilted til I get back from holiday at the end of the month. Istanbul for a week – maybe some sun!!!

Project 2013 – Piece 21

Slow progress the last two weeks – visitors and outings! Here is the next piece.


Tomorrow is the first meeting of the Contemporary Quilt West group which I have been setting up. We will be making the decisions about what our vision is and how the group will run and what we will do. All a bit scary but very exciting.

Must keep stitching.

Patched Project 2013

I have just trialled patching my Project 2013 pieces together. It is only virtual – just pushed together on a table. I wanted to see what they looked like. So here they are:


Looking at them, I may decide some of the earlier ones will need more stitch. The later ones look better.

Back to the quilts now.

Project 2013 – Poppy 1

Last night’s television exercise was hand stitching the first of a few poppy motifs. It was hard to stitch. The fabric is very stiff because it was mono painted with black acrylic full strength.

I like the poppy motif – it is easy to draw and can be very elegant if it has tall stems.


I like the threads that extend beyond the patch – not sure how I will be able to keep them when I assemble all the patches together.

Previewing the post, it is time to change my header photo and my background – they are too In your face!

From a very snowy Wiltshire. Keep warm and safe.