Bletchley Park Quilt

Finally finished my  quilt for Bletchley Park.  It is based on my mother’s service record in the WRENS during the Second World War. She worked at Eastcote in London which was an outstation of Bletchley Park.  Her job was to either feed code into a bombe or take the results and see if they made any sense.

Her service record has been paper laminated as the main part of the quilt. Her photos have been transferred using TAP onto fabric rusted and immersed into soda ash which gives an organic design. The quilt has been pieced, machine quilted and free motion stitched.

The quilt goes to Bletchley today and will eventually have pride of place at home.

Finished and improvisional quilt

I have had this small trial quilt sitting on a board for 2 months. It needed edging – it was too thick to face nicely and I wasn’t happy about binding it.  I tried a Leslie Morgan suggestion to run 4 lines of stitching around the edge.  It wasn’t working so it now has a zig zag edge which works.  It needs to be mounted on a black canvas next.

The quilt has been made using Marie Roper’s improvisional piecing method – I love this technique.  The centre has some of my art work that has been laminated. I did learn on this quilt which was meant to be bigger that laminated fabric should only have very gentle curves. There is no give in the laminated fabric so tight corners are unnecessarily difficult!