Two more weeks of lockdown

It has been another two weeks of lockdown. It has its ups and downs, for me and everyone I know.

The ups – I had a corona birthday. I thought it would be very subdued but my husband excelled himself. I woke to this banner in our bedroom:

He also sourced 3 virus t-shirts – “It is my birthday party and you are not invited”, a martini glass with “quarantini” below and a Mona Lisa image wearing a mask. I have kept all my cards and plan to bind them into a book as a historical memory of the odd time we are living through.

I have been doing a lot of techie work – tidying up websites and building a new one. Creativity with fabric has been slow to put it mildly. I have started my SAQA donation quilt, a 12 by 12 inch piece – due for July 1st. It had to have a corona theme and here is the fabric:

I cut a paper stencil and applied it to a permanent screen with my scribble on it. It was a surprising result that I am really pleased with. Discharged, of course. And now I have a jug of formusol to do more printing with. But I had better stitch this mini quilt first.

Unfolding Stories – Next week

Busy, busy trying to get everything together for our exhibition next week. I have done the main labels. I still need to do the labels for pieces that will be exhibited on tables and the road signs. Then get everything together and put it by the front door.

Here is the flyer – thanks, Dom.


Would love to see you there – I am stewarding all day Wednesday, Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. I will be around some of the other time.


So lucky

I am so lucky. On Thursday, I had an email from Upper Street. My quilt, Bush Fires, has been accepted for the Fine Art Quilt Masters 2014. I am still grinning.

As yet, I don’t know who else has had a quilt accepted – no doubt the the list will come out soon.

Still grinning!!! And off to the boat.

The Other Leaf Canvases

I have finally submitted the rest of the my leaf canvases and here they are:

Rustic Leaves - Pieces of Crow 10 Christine Seager Fall Leaves - Pieces of Crow 11 Christine Seager Autumn Leaves - Pieces of Crow 12 Christine Seager Grey Leaves - Pieces of Crow 13 - Christine seager Aubergine Leaves - Pieces of Crow 14 Christine Seager Lime Leaves - Pieces of Crow 15 Christine Seager

Rustic Leaves РPOC 10, Fall Leaves РPOC 11, Autumn Leaves РPOC 12,  Grey Leaves РPOC 13, Aubergine Leaves РPOC 14 and Lime Leaves РPOC15.

I have yet to hear from the publisher but I am glad I made them. If they don’t make it, I won’t be upset. I so enjoyed making them, I am reconsidering making pieces as big as I have been.

Keep stitching


NEC Birmingham – March 2014

It was the Sewing, Fashion and Hobbies show at the NEC this week. It is quite a small show and a lovely change from the very big busy Festival of Quilts show. You can walk around without getting run over by a mobile scooter or a trolley being dragged and there is lots of room for them to move without us knocking them over.

It is about half and half exhibitors and traders. The exhibition stands are mostly of an extremely high standard – great to see. Especially good to see such a high standard of embroidery.

CQ had their Journal Quilts on show and I went up with Yvonne on the Friday to steward – an easy task. I did not steward on the South West Textiles stand – by the time I saw the rota it was full and with only one day at the show, I would have seen nothing if I had stewarded at both. That would have been a shame.

Best stand for me was probably Sue Chapman who had all her marks sketchbooks and piece. Lovely susanchapman

Below is a picture of my two rust pieces at the show on the South West Textile Group stand. Photo kindly taken by Ros Lomas who does a great blog for the Marlborough Embroidery Guild website.