I like colour

I like colour – I like to dye my fabric in rich colours. Very often my fabrics are not dyed for a particular project. They happen because I like playing with colour and feel a need to dye fabric. These fabrics fell into the “I need to dye and print” activity mode. I made them last week. I had to use a dryer to dry the breakdown screens – the weather here has been so wet that the screens had absorbed water from the atmosphere.

Currently, I am doing a sketchbook/drawing inspiration course with Susan Yeates, http://www.magenta-sky.com/. This month, the theme is colour. I am working with yellow – it is bright and cheerful. I have been taking photos of yellow objects and painting in watercolour which is not a medium I use very often. From my breakfast bar, sunflowers which are in abundance in the shops in the UK at the moment.

As well as collecting images and objects in yellow, I am supposed to be drawing them – time to stop procrastinating and start drawing, I think.

I hope the sun is shining where you are – the French celebrate Bastille Day today. Keep well and safe.

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