More discharge printing

Back to my default occupation – screen printing. My stash of greys is seriously diminishing. This is a good thing. My new set of prints definitely need overprinting either with dye paste or textile inks. They don’t have any depth. My first task is to get out all my thermofaxes and see if I have some that will add the extra dimension the fabric needs.

Discharge Cloth June 2020

Some real work – heavy stitching. That is much more intense than I usually do. I actually enjoyed doing it. The top has two layers, cotton strips in bright colours, black and white as the under layer, covered by dyed organdie. It was a nightmare to get the organdie which is pieced to lie straight but it quilted really easily. The image below shows the start of cutting back the organdie to reveal the layer below. Still a lot more cutting back to happen. It is a slow process.

Zulu Bracelets

A beautiful rose from my garden. The roses are loving this hot weather after a very wet spring.

Keep well and safe

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