I hate my Bernina 830

What induced the engineers at Bernina to design these bobbins —–


They are a nightmare. I am trying to complete a big quilt and my tension keeps messing up. First it loops underneath. I get it all sorted and the bobbin runs out. Change the bobbin and the tension changes and loops again!!


This is one of Bernina’s most expensive machines and …

  • The bobbins are temperamental
  • The upper thread sensor has to be turned off as it keeps stopping the machine
  • And the thread threader, even when clean, doesn’t always work

And the household wonders why I am bad tempered! Ugh, ugh

6 thoughts on “I hate my Bernina 830

  1. i have the 750 and have had problems too. Not so much with the bobbin but I’ve had to disable the lower tension thread sensor as it stopped stitching every few seconds (after an expensive replacement bobbin section which was clearly not the problem)!

    My thread cutter is temperamental too!

  2. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I also hate Berninas – all of them. So often when I teach it is someone with a Bernina (and occasionally a Husqvanra Sapphire) that has problems. They drive me nuts. I will never buy another.

  3. I would never buy a Bernina. Had a Brother machine that had perfect tension no matter what I did, using a Jenome machine now and that is ok although not a well behaved as the Brother. Love your work. Just discovered you.

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