Working in Series – 1

At the end of last year, I lost my way with my Collage series. I wasn’t happy with the last 2 I had made in the series. I was also not really concentrating on my quilting – printmaking had taken over.

I really like Kathleen Probst‘s abstract work so to get myself back on track, I joined her Working in Series online workshops. It is working and I am finding that it is re-enforcing working practices and tools that I have used but have let slip.

One of our tasks was to read the Working in Series posts on Kathleen Loomis’s blog, Art with a Needle. I have followed this blog for a number of years. But re-reading the posts, made me realise that instinctively, I have worked in series ever since I took textiles seriously and tried to make art. For me, it was all about trying to improve the previous design and my techniques.

So here is the first series I worked on – some embroidered handbags. They were shown in an Exhibition in Henley-on-Thames, I think in 2002. This was long before I learnt how to dye properly at Committed to Cloth. The black ones were the last I made, a definite improvement on the pink ones!!

Part of my homework is to catalogue my various series including photos. so as well as documenting them on my pc, I thought I would share the images.

The series do improve and I will share more in further posts!






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