For Claire

I did plan to print on fabric – in trouble with Claire as she wanted know what happened to the printing on fabric. So now I have done it. I spent Sunday morning printing – uninterrupted, an usual occurrence. I printed on cartridge paper, rice paper, two fancy Japanese papers that Liz kindly gave me and on FABRIC, cotton. All the same design – well nearly. But much consistent than normal. Howver, my report would say could try harder. 

Here is one of the fabric ones that I have quilted.


More to come.

3 thoughts on “For Claire

  1. Thank you for a post just for me – made me smile! Glad to see you have pulled your finger out (I can say that as I am thousands of miles away and not get a clip around the ear) and done some printing on FABRIC, as well as the other posh papers. It looks good. Glad you finally managed to get some time to yourself. I like the ‘new’ you! xxx Love from our nagging friend.

  2. I also like it. I can’t exactly articulate why. Perhaps it’s the monochromatic peacefulness. Maybe you could re-create it in different monochromatic palates?

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