Quest for greys continues!

I am still looking for a black that will enable me to dye greys without adding lots of other dye to balance the blue that is inherent in black procion dye, especially in the one that Kemtex supplies. So I bought 4 different blacks on eBay from Poland to experiment with.

The first problem – the dyes came in sandwich bags, one inner and one outer. Once the outer bag came off, dye from the outside of the inner bag got everywhere. And I discovered I had a hole in my gloves – what a mess!!! They are now safely transferred to containers to limit further grief.

The four blacks are: Black G, Black R, Black G and Black HFGR (what does that stand for). I did a dark, medium and light solution for each and could immediately see the blue jumping out of the containers! Here they are drying.


And here are the ironed results. The top piece in each pile is an attempt to correct the blues using orange. Some work. But why Black 5 isn’t name Blue 5 is beyond me.

But I do have a way forward to get the greys I want and also a pile of blues that will in due course, get discharged.

Now I need to start stitching – this exercise gave me 20 meters of fabric.

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