A day of playing

A friend, Amanda, and I decided some months ago that we would buy a number of different fabrics and see which ones dyed best and which ones would work best with the stitch techiniques we use.  Finally last week, we cut up and dyed the fabric.

Here it is on the ironing board, prior to ironing and marking up the swatches.


It looks a little like an Indian dye shop – very bright colours. That is apart from the Chintz which has come out anaemic. It was PFD cotton but has dyed like a poly cotton. The polished sheen on it must inhibit the dye. Any ideas whilst I start ironing and labelling.

Happy new year to one and all.

3 thoughts on “A day of playing

  1. You probably need to remove the dressing before dyeing. Don’t know any recipes but you probably need something more severe than detergent. Could look into soda crystals but not sure. Happy creative 2016.

    1. Hi Anne

      The fabric was PFD so should not need to have the dressing removed. Having said that, it did feel as if it had dressing in it. I have soda ash so will have another go.

  2. Gorgeous vibrant colours. I agree that the chintz should have dyed well but it sounds like it needs a good scouring. Have a great 2016.

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