Migration – No More

SAQA have a call for entry out for an exhibition called Stories of Migration. I should read all the blurb very carefully and I will in future. 

I had a lovely image of a Canadian Goose so I made a quilt using it and then remembered that Candian Geese used to migrate from the UK in the autumn to hotter climates – they no longer do. Not sure why. They swarm together, thousands of them in September and make the most dreadful noise and then go back to their own patch of English water.

My problem – the narrative with the application form talks only about people who migrate and birds aren’t people!!! So I am not entering my quilt. Instead, I will share it with you and hang it at my stand at UWE 12th to 14th November in Bristol. And will read further than the title in future!


Now back to stitching for UWE. 

2 thoughts on “Migration – No More

  1. I like it and I think that you should have entered it anyway. I’m sure that there is another piece that has been accepted that is not of people. It’s all in the interpretation.

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