Busy week

Finally, I have worked out why my very expensive Bernina machine keeps behaving badly and snagging threads on the back of my work. The bobbin hook contraption is scratching the bobbins which have shiny silver computer parts. Once the silver is scratched, the bobbins snag. It has only taken 2 years and several phone calls and trips to my dealer!!! Currently, I have his machine which works fine if I select my bobbins carefully – I have about 10 that need to be thrown out. And there is the minor detail of Bernina working out why the bobbins are getting scratched and fixing my machine!

But I have been working. Here is the quilt for “Structures” in Henley if I get it selected. It has been quite a difficult one to make and the colours on the photo are not great – the light colour is a pale apple green.

Still needs some threads sorting out, facing and a sleeve.

The next image is another new piece of work – only partially quilted. It is based on some collages I have been working on. It may well have the orange piece on the right chopped off unless it looks better when stitched.


Til next time – keep stitching.

3 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. Thank goodness they have at least discovered what is happening, just have to sort out why now. Something is definitely not right and if they can’t solve it I’d be inclined to ask for a replacement machine.

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