Another Quilt for Munich

I have now finished my second quilt to go to Munich with zero3, Study in Aubergine 1.  Well, it still needs a label but I have done the bindings and sleeve which I hate doing. Here it is finished and photographed for my artist statement:

Study in Aubergine 1 Christine Seager

For a change, I have faced this quilt as I felt my usual binding would complicate the edges.

On the social networking scene, I have had a number of Facebook friends requests which I have accepted. This means I should update my Facebook page and then start keeping it updated. My eldest son has just cycled from Alaska to Washing DC kept us up-to-date using Instagram so I also need to pay some attention to my Instagram account – so much to do and so little time.

Til next time


2 thoughts on “Another Quilt for Munich

  1. Aubergine 1 looks great. The problem with social media is that it cuts into our quilting time. Good luck with your mentorship. I think the Canadian quilter’s name I was thnking of was Laurie Swim.

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