Two arty days

My iPad has just trashed my last complicated post!! So I will try again.

Yesterday, we went to Liverpool to see the Jackson Pollock exhibition at Tate Liverpool. It was a long way, but I am really glad I went – some of his we’ll know works that have been made into posters and some black black drawings I wasn’t aware of. At the end of the gallery, my head was buzzing.  Also a good catalogue.

Then, we were automatically taken into another exhibition of Glenn Ligon and artists he admires. I found I did know some of his text works but had never attributed them to him. The other artists’ work included one of Boetti’s world maps and one of his text embroideries, an Andy Warhol and a Chriss Oliffie elephant Dung sketch. It was not a cohesive set of works and had no explanation of the chosen works. It was also not well curated. 

This is the second time, I have been to a main exhibition at the Tate Liverpool and then steered into a lesser exhibition with no way out. They did the same at the end of the Mondrian exhibition. I am sure they have a reason but when your head is full of great ideas and images, it is disappointing not to be able to just finish at that point.

Today, we went to Birmingham and saw another interesting mix, William Morris and Andy Warhol. The reason for the dual show was too aserteric for me but it was a good show. Lots of Andy’s icon works and some very large, very beautiful tapestries made in Morris’ factory. There was also a very long piece of wallpaper which showed the development of the screen print processes – I counted 16 different colours. 

 No photography allowed so no pictures.  FOQ later this weekend lots of networking  – very busy.

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