Experimenting and FOQ 2015

On my list of “things to do” is to be more experimental with my quilts. So yesterday, I sliced into a small quilt I had started and rearranged the bits. On the way, I learnt some lessons – need to work out the edges of the design better as they are not good enough. Just need to analyse what to do next time round.

I also changed the way I stitch the quilt and rather like the results.  Here it is on my design board – 12inches square. I used the fabrics I have been making with my Matthew Harris spring drawing tool that give such lovely marks when monoprinted on white cloth.


If you are going to Festival of Quilts, I have a quilt on the CQ Challenges stand called Fool’s Gold. We have goldfinches in the garden and really they are a beautiful yellow, not gold. The stand should be good – selection was apparently very through. And I am loving not being in the usual pre-FOQ panic as Margaret Pratt, Hilary Grayson and my friend Claire Passmore are in charge this year. I shall be there as I am doing a talk on the history of CQ Challenges with Hilary Gooding – no pressure.

Fool’s Gold looks like this:

ChristineSeager_ Fool's Gold

Enjoy the Festival if you are going – maybe see you there.


Decision Time

This summer has been proved difficult to focus on my creative work – too much travelling, mostly on the boat and demands made by elderly parents. I have definitely lost direction so last weekend I planned for at least the next six months. I decided my priorities are the exhibitions I am committed to and my sketchbooks. Book making will have to wait until I have more time at home.

I should have put my entry into the Fine Art Quilt Masters 2015 online before now – it did not get accepted but will be going to Munch in the Autumn with zero3, a group that accepted me as a member in March. Here it is – “Private Thoughts”

Private Thoughts - Christine Seager

The parchment scrolls hold my own thoughts on my creative process. Here is a detailed photo of the scrolls.

Private Thoughts _Christine Seager detail

I was sorry not to get selected but I think it is good that this year we will see new makers.

I am halfway through my other quilt for Munich and hopefully you will see it soon. As well as my pretend writing, it has some markings with my Matthew Harris tool.

Hope you are having a good summer.