Alice Fox -day 3

Well, Day 3 hit my weak spot – weaving. This is a skill for which I have very little patience and even less aptitude. 

It was a beautiful day so we went up to the meadow and sat around picnic style twisting grasses into threads. I was rubbish at it!! I had to do a section on weaving when I did my Open College of Arts Textile course. I only did one piece and took against weaving as a requisite skill. I did do a small piece – others all did a better job than me. Jackie kindly twisted a piece for me later in the day so I could stick it in my book. 

In the afternoon, we did proper weaving on a frame – except for yours truly. Everyone else used a frame and set up their warp in thread and wove in thread and grasses. Here is what I did on one of my pieces of wood collected on a walk.

It was much more satisfying for me. Jude did a fabulous piece which I have on my camera and will hopefully remember to download tomorrow.

Just in case you are wondering, this year’s book project is in a bad place. Less procrastination required.

More on Alice tomorrow.

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