Alice Fox Workshop

I am lucky enough to be on an Alice Fox workshop this week. She is a fabulous tutor – very calm, clear and knowledgeable.

We have done lots of walking in the the nearby fields – doing tasks which included starting a collection of bits.  Only I found a tree trunk – it has the most beautiful rings on it so is going home with me.

Day one, we did rust dyeing with tea rather than salt or vinegar on paper and fabric. Lovely dark colours unlike the strong orange on colours one gets with salt and vinegar.

Here is a picture of my friend, Yvonne, and Alice having a chat.

More tomorrow…………

3 thoughts on “Alice Fox Workshop

  1. Lucky girl, look forward to seeing your results, the rust dyeing with tea looks like making really interesting textures and marks.

  2. Trust you to drag a whole tree trunk back with you! Looks like great fun, look forward to hearing more. k3n x

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