Project 2015

This year as my non quilt work, I have decided to make books. I have flirted with the idea for years and just never got on with it. So 2015 will be a book a month. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will be able to make some books that look good having learnt the techniques and how to be accurate and patient as I put them together.

So here is January’s book – a version of accordion.


Looking down on it.


And looking at it sideways and upside down. This image refuses to go in the right way!!!


I learnt quite a lot – I should have marked, painted the papers inside the concentenia, the paper needed to be heavier and the pages would have been better if the whole book hadn’t been so wide. But I like the cover, I enjoyed marking up the papers and it is neat and accurate. This is a vast improvement on my earlier attempts!!

Til next time.