Fragments of War

In the autumn, one of the groups I belong to, South West Textile Group, is having an exhibition in the Museum of Somerset. The theme is Imprints and we have to base our work on an object in the museum. In the Military section, there is an old flag from a Japanese prisoner of war camp. It is a Japanese flag with the red sun in the centre and Japanese text radiating from the central red circle.  Using that as inspiration, I have printed Japanese text which says “fragments of war” using a thermofax and screen printed red circles on white fabric. I then dyed several batches of 2 metres of fabric in red, completely failing to match the red of the circles.  Eventually, I gave up and went to my local quilting ship and purchased a matching commercial fabric – all rules broken!! But it does work.  Here is an image of the top – sandwiching and quilting still to happen.

Fragments of War WIP

Thanks, Amelia of Thermofax Printing for making my thermofax screen.

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