Beware what you tick

I submitted a quilt for an exhibition at Olympia in London in March. On the form, we were asked if our image could be used for promotion. Fine by me – if my quilt is in the exhibition, I am very happy to have my quilt used to promote the show. There was no promotion for the exhibition stand at Olympia and my quilt came home as it was not selected for further shows.

Some of the quilts in the exhibition at Olympia were selected to be used in further shows. Not mine – it is sitting on my plan chest under a pile of other quilts. Image my surprise when I saw this flyer –


My quilt is promoting a show in which it is not included and won’t be included. We did suggest to the exhibition organiser that it should be – the answer was no and no apologies for using my image.

I shall be more careful when I tick boxes on quilt exhibition forms!! Shame, Fractured Images is a much better name for the quilt than I gave it. Perhaps I’ll plagiarise that!

We move on ….

3 thoughts on “Beware what you tick

  1. As a viewer I would not be impressed if the promotional material had something ion it which was not in the exhibition. I also can’t understand why it wasn’t included anyway.

  2. I am really put out if I go to an exhibition and the work in the promotional material is not there! I couldn’t make mind my mind up if I was more upset by the organiser’s attitude that it didn’t matter or my quilt not being included!

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