Unfolding Stories – Next week

Busy, busy trying to get everything together for our exhibition next week. I have done the main labels. I still need to do the labels for pieces that will be exhibited on tables and the road signs. Then get everything together and put it by the front door.

Here is the flyer – thanks, Dom.


Would love to see you there – I am stewarding all day Wednesday, Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. I will be around some of the other time.


Unfolding Alphabet Finished

I have, just in time, finished my Unfolding Alphabet which will go on display at the “Unfolding Stories” exhibition at Bradford on Avon starting Tuesday 30th September. It is being hung by Contemporary Quilters West – a fabulous group. It is our first exhibition so exciting and scary.

The Unfolding Alphabet will be display open so all the letters can be seen if there is enough table space. Otherwise only partially open.

Apple have just updated the operating system and I have a very different key pad. I can do 😊 and 🌆 and 🐞. Apple are slowing catching up with Android. Still no dragging to type as I can on my phone.

So come and see us in Bradford – we would love to see you. For more info go to CQ West.

Chrisse 😍

Beware what you tick

I submitted a quilt for an exhibition at Olympia in London in March. On the form, we were asked if our image could be used for promotion. Fine by me – if my quilt is in the exhibition, I am very happy to have my quilt used to promote the show. There was no promotion for the exhibition stand at Olympia and my quilt came home as it was not selected for further shows.

Some of the quilts in the exhibition at Olympia were selected to be used in further shows. Not mine – it is sitting on my plan chest under a pile of other quilts. Image my surprise when I saw this flyer –


My quilt is promoting a show in which it is not included and won’t be included. We did suggest to the exhibition organiser that it should be – the answer was no and no apologies for using my image.

I shall be more careful when I tick boxes on quilt exhibition forms!! Shame, Fractured Images is a much better name for the quilt than I gave it. Perhaps I’ll plagiarise that!

We move on ….