Queens Street Mill

Last month, whilst on the boat, we visited the only working steam mill in the England which is in Burnley. It was an amazing museum.  We saw the old steam engine which used to run 1000 looms in three different rooms. It is in beautiful condition, lovingly look after.

First, the wonderful clocking in machine.

Clocking In Machine

Now the steam machine which is called Peace and the oil cans which keep it gleaming.

Peace Oil cans on Peace Oil can on Peace Gleaming Peace

In one of the rooms are 300 looms. The steam engine runs the cams above them all, but only about 10 looms are engaged – what a noise!! These looms make calico which the museum sells.

Weaving Shed Working Loom

In another room are some smaller specialised looms which make Terry Towelling and tea cloths, again sold in the museum.

Making Terry Towelling Tea towels

And then Jacquards solution and some of the mill’s original cards – very early computers.

Jacquards Solution Early Computers

If you are in the area, take time to visit the museum – it is a privilege to see one of the many mills which in the early 20th century produced over 90% of the world’s cotton fabric.

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