So lucky

I am so lucky. On Thursday, I had an email from Upper Street. My quilt, Bush Fires, has been accepted for the Fine Art Quilt Masters 2014. I am still grinning.

As yet, I don’t know who else has had a quilt accepted – no doubt the the list will come out soon.

Still grinning!!! And off to the boat.

Rusted fabric and yummy

Thank you, Jean. At our last Regional CQ meeting, Jean told me how she got lovely shading on her rusted fabric. I spent yesterday afternoon playing with her technique and now have this yummy piece of fabric.


Next step is to find some other fabric to piece it with. In a group today, I was sorely told off for wanting to put black with it!! So back to the studio and find something from my stash that works.

Nice that the sun shines into my studio – today has been a lovely sunny day so off I go to rifle through my stash.

Current project

I have begun a new project for an exhibition in October. The title of the exhibition is “Unfolding Stories” so I am making patches which were intended to become a book. As usual, I haven’t worked out how I am going to construct the book and am not actually sure that is the right format for the patches but here are the first two patches: