The Other Leaf Canvases

I have finally submitted the rest of the my leaf canvases and here they are:

Rustic Leaves - Pieces of Crow 10 Christine Seager Fall Leaves - Pieces of Crow 11 Christine Seager Autumn Leaves - Pieces of Crow 12 Christine Seager Grey Leaves - Pieces of Crow 13 - Christine seager Aubergine Leaves - Pieces of Crow 14 Christine Seager Lime Leaves - Pieces of Crow 15 Christine Seager

Rustic Leaves – POC 10, Fall Leaves – POC 11, Autumn Leaves – POC 12,  Grey Leaves – POC 13, Aubergine Leaves – POC 14 and Lime Leaves – POC15.

I have yet to hear from the publisher but I am glad I made them. If they don’t make it, I won’t be upset. I so enjoyed making them, I am reconsidering making pieces as big as I have been.

Keep stitching


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