NEC Birmingham – March 2014

It was the Sewing, Fashion and Hobbies show at the NEC this week. It is quite a small show and a lovely change from the very big busy Festival of Quilts show. You can walk around without getting run over by a mobile scooter or a trolley being dragged and there is lots of room for them to move without us knocking them over.

It is about half and half exhibitors and traders. The exhibition stands are mostly of an extremely high standard – great to see. Especially good to see such a high standard of embroidery.

CQ had their Journal Quilts on show and I went up with Yvonne on the Friday to steward – an easy task. I did not steward on the South West Textiles stand – by the time I saw the rota it was full and with only one day at the show, I would have seen nothing if I had stewarded at both. That would have been a shame.

Best stand for me was probably Sue Chapman who had all her marks sketchbooks and piece. Lovely susanchapman

Below is a picture of my two rust pieces at the show on the South West Textile Group stand. Photo kindly taken by Ros Lomas who does a great blog for the Marlborough Embroidery Guild website.


One thought on “NEC Birmingham – March 2014

  1. I was so sorry that I couldn’t make it to the show this year. You are right in your comments about the size compared to FOQ, I find the K&S show also far too large and busy these days.

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