12″ Canvases

A few weeks ago, I received an invite to submit an image of a piece that was maximum 14 by 14 inches. I don’t normally work that small but had just put together a small piece from a lovely bit of cloth with discharged leaves. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here it is:

Washington Leaves - POC 9
Washington Leaves – POC 9

It has been accepted for the book – great. Then I received an email saying they would like a body of work, did I have any more images? Of course, I didn’t. I don’t usually work that small!

I have now. I so enjoyed putting the original canvas together that I decided to make some more. This meant printing more leaf designs on fabric – I had the leaf motifs already, and making up more mini quilts. I now have 7 and here they are in a stack.

Stack of POCs
Stack of POCs

I will post them individually when I have cropped the photos that have just been taken.

In the meantime, I hope you have the lovely weather we have here.


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