Making progress with Project 2103

I have been stitching more often and my patches are nearly all done – 2 to go. So I laid them all out on the table to see how I might put them together. I didn’t make any decisions but here they are all laid out.




I shall probably just scope them all up as I now need to think seriously how to put them together.

No peace for the wicked.

2 thoughts on “Making progress with Project 2103

  1. Impressive!! Have you left the ends of thread round the edges and how are you going to mount them? I would want to keep playing with them, moving them around to make new combinations.

  2. Thanks, Mags. Not sure how I want to mount/display them. I had planned to have a very long piece just two squares wide but that turns out to be 15 feet!! so I will keep playing!


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