About time too!!

A few weeks ago, I was gently chided for not keeping my blog up to date so I think I had better add “update blog” to my list of New Year resolutions.

What have I been doing? I spent most of October in the States. My eldest son lives in Washington DC so we went to visit him and a close friend who lives in Seattle. Obama closed down DC whilst we were there so we did not see the National Museums and Art Galleries – but found lots of other things to do. Then we went north to Seattle and Vancouver. It was a great holiday but I have really only just managed to catch up all my paperwork and other stuff as well as spend some time sewing as I needed a “fix”!!

I did need to finish a piece for my small quilt group which I belong to. Here it is, using my improvisional cutting:

Ode to autumn

I have also finished the quilting on the red Pieces of Crow piece.  I still need to trim it and bind it.

Pieces of Crow 6 -  Red detail

Must try harder!


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