Festival of Quilts 2013

It has been a very busy few months, either on our canal boat or getting ready for Festival of Quilts. How was Festival of Quilts – I had a great time this year. I was extremely lucky to have my quilt, Pieces of Crow XL, selected for the Fine Art Quilts Masters.  Only 17 were selected so I feel very privileged. Before Festival, the selected quilts were hung at the British Design Centre in London. We went to see them and it was difficult to wipe the grin off my face!

Pieces of Crow XL
Pieces of Crow XL

It is quite a large piece and I was lucky enough at Festival to have it hanging on an end wall as you walked into Hall 9. Here is a detail photo.

Pieces of Crow XL detail
Pieces of Crow XL detail

The little sharp point in black was not there by design – it just happened and works well.

At the Festival, with Lynne Pretty and both husbands, I set up an exhibition for the Contemporary Quilts Group which is internet based. The challenge was called Horizons and was open to all members – no selection. We received 51 quilts, 50cm wide by 150cm – I have wall to wall packaging in numbered bags in my studio. We were given a very nice shaped stand and it worked a treat for the quilts.  Here is a photo showing the stand:

CQ Horizons Stand
CQ Horizons Stand

If you would like to see more photos, they are on the CQ Horizons website. Feedback on the exhibition has been overwhelming – lovely comments from many people. The quilts hung extremely well together and now are going on to be displayed in a gallery in Richmond, London, in February and then onto Prague for their April show.

Back to the grindstone now for me, catching up on jobs I have been ignoring!

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