Pieces of Crow 2

I finished Pieces of Crow 2 before I went to Istanbul but completely forgot I had planned to blog all pieces. It isn’t as good as Piece 1, both in design and stitch.

The design isn’t good because I ignored the Rule of Thirds – the lower part of the design is nearer half of the quilt than one third. Interesting, as it really stands out as unbalanced when you stand away from the quilt.

The stitch – I went back to stitching the individual pieces after a friend asked why I had done more integrated stitching on Piece 1. It does NOT work and fortunately she agrees!!!

So I have learnt. Here is a photo of it:


And some of the detail:


I am currently working on a bigger version of Piece 1 for FOQ. I have unstitched it once – I really struggled to get my 1/8inch stitching looking even so have resorted to 1/4inch and it is looking better.

The Project 2013 patches are suffering badly – so much for good resolutions – I am not sure how people keep them.

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