Pieces of Crow 1 Reviewed

Pieces of Crow 1

This is a better picture of the piece. No idea where the thin blue on the left came from.

The stitch quality is not good enough. Did it on the Juki and it is still snatching. I used the walking foot so the quilting isn’t as tight as I like. I don’t seem to be able to get the spacing as tight as I can with the patchwork foot on the Juki.

The lowest white piece doesn’t look so out of place. It might have been better if I had stitched the lower vertical lines in a curve defined by the left black piece.

I am reasonably happy with the design of the top. The size is much better too, 33 by 22 inches. The next piece I will stitch as I have in the past, following each piece, rather than using stitch lines over a number of pieces.

On to the next piece.

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