Pieces of Crow 1 quilted

Pieces of Crow 1 is a better size.

Here is a picture of work in progress, it looks very waffled and messy:


The design has ended up somewhat different to my usual shard piecing as I have deliberately made the pieces bigger. Is it the direction I want to go in – I am not sure yet. I need to do a heavy critic on the design elements of this piece – is the balance right, does your eye move round the piece and so on. I am not happy about the heavy white piece across the bottom. It probably should have been narrower. However, it does add variety.

Here it is complete, in a very yellow light:


I will be glad to start adding a third colour as it is quite difficult working with only two colours. So the next decision is – one more black and white or start adding colour. I had planned four black and white pieces!

Food for thought.

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