Another project

Yesterday, I gave myself permission to start this year’s main project. For a while I have been trying to work out what I wanted to do next with my improvisonal piecing. Looked into possible courses and came to the conclusion that I really need to go to the States and do a Nancy Crow course as I like the work her students produce. It could be very easy to clone her work – but her students don’t. They come up with good designs that are their own “brand”. So I looked at her courses. First issue, I would need to start at the beginning with her. If I am going that far, I am not sure I want to start at the beginning. If I have to start at the beginning, I would want to do two weeks back to back – an expensive option. The next issue, I would need between 50 and 100 metres of fabric, even more for two weeks. That is a lot of commercial fabric. I only use hand dyed fabrics and that is a lot of dyeing!

I read what the courses cover and have decided that I could do my own version of a Nancy Crow – it will never be as good but I could still teach myself a lot of things. So…

I am going to do this UK style – domestic size rather than industrial!! This means instead of making 100 quilts, I will try to make 40. Instead of being enormous, 3 meters square, I will make my quilts smaller. I have lots of notes of where I plan to take the process.

I decided that the quilts should be 24 by 16 inches, portrait. The first few would be black and white, then add another colour and work my way through a number of colour combinations. At the end of each quilt, I would assess the design and the manufacture of the quilt. I now have the first one and the rules need to change!!

Here it is partially quilted:


It was at about this point, I decided that the design looks better landscape. So I continued working with it assuming it would end up landscape. The next issue is that 24 by 16 inches is not going to be big enough for the pieces I am cutting. So I need to change size. I also had issues quilting the piece – don’t look too carefully. I used my Bernina and it doesn’t have the right foot to quilt as tightly as I like and can on the Juki. So I think this piece may be Pieces of Crow 0, rather than Pieces of Crow 1 – ie the sampler! Never mind, I have learnt lots so onwards and upwards with the next piece. I have almost completed 0. It needs the borders hemmed and a sleeve if I decide it deserves one. Here it is, pins and all:


Keep stitching and I will document more of the issues with this piece as lessons for the next piece.

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