Trees series

This is the first of my tree series quilts. I dyed 11 meters of fabric last summer using the “Fabric Dyer’s Dictionary” by Linda Johansen. It gave me a large quantity of fabrics that were emphatic with each other. I then spent a day at Committed to Cloth screen printing a thermofax of trees – a photo that I had take and adjusted.

I have made some small cushions from the pieces. I also pieced up three pieces and this is the first one to be quilted.

Photo is yellower than the actual quilt. I have some technic issues that I need to resolve on the next one. However, I am glad this one is done.


Project 2013 – Poppy 1

Last night’s television exercise was hand stitching the first of a few poppy motifs. It was hard to stitch. The fabric is very stiff because it was mono painted with black acrylic full strength.

I like the poppy motif – it is easy to draw and can be very elegant if it has tall stems.


I like the threads that extend beyond the patch – not sure how I will be able to keep them when I assemble all the patches together.

Previewing the post, it is time to change my header photo and my background – they are too In your face!

From a very snowy Wiltshire. Keep warm and safe.

Project 2013

Day 1
Piece 1
Piece 2

This year I have decided that I should do a handstitch project. I printed all the fabric in November. I printed using stamps and monoprinting techniques on white fabric with black textile ink. I then cut the fabric into 12cm squares and backed them with felt. Now all I need to do is stitch at least 3 squares a week. I decided that doing one each day was tempting fate! So here are the first 4. Apologies for the order – this is the first time, I have used the iPad to do a blog and I don’t seem to have the control I need to get the pictures where I want them.

Piece 3
day 4
Piece 4