September JQ

It has been a very busy summer, much of it without a good WiFi service.  We decided in July to bring our canal boat from the Cheshire to Devizes as we had sold our northern home. It took us 17 days boating and locking but overall nearer 25 as we had to wait in Oxford for the waters in the Thames to recede. Even then, when the boat was allowed on the Thames, it did 8mph – that is 4mph more than it is actually capable of in still water!

So now I need to get back to blogging and completing my JQs and other pieces which are collecting too fast in the MUST QUILT pile.

Here is September’s JQ.  It was improvisionally pieced adding line piecing.  The fabrics are hand dyed and then discharged with formosol.  Not intentionally, a windsurfer sail has appeared in the piecing, hence the name – “Blue Sail”