Bad quilting day

I was challenged to make my next 4 journal quilts, the yellow ones, as one piece and do some free motion quilting on them ie free up from my normal very tight anc controlled quilting!!

Oh dear, I should try walking before I run!!  The improvisional piecing was more complicated that I have been doing – not bad. Should have taken a picture of the whole top. Yellow was tricky to work with as I have to have 75% yellow in each JQ and I found that quite difficult as there is not enough interest or variation in yellows.

And then I quilted – well, I should have tried to do something more simple that try to replicate shards. It really needed unpicking and starting again but I am a little short of time and need to post them all by end of August so the report says “Must try harder” and I shall need to repeat the exercise for the blue JQs.

Here they are: