Last two Journal Quilts for 2011

Finally finished my last two quilts for December and January.  Getting my head round doing them proved difficult.  Part of the problem was starting my piece for Bletchley Park’s exhibition at the end of February.  The rest was sheer procrastination!

So here they are – first the December one which used provisional piecing which proved quite difficult on a small quilt.

And the final one for January this year – a single button with buttonhole quilting.

Now the burning question – do I do the challenge again this year?  It is colour based this time, 4 months of red, 4 of yellow and 4 of blue.  Also A4 which is a new format for me and won’t fit in my box of JQ’s.

One thought on “Last two Journal Quilts for 2011

  1. i love the buttonhole quilting.( top image) i know nothing about this type of quiting , but i love the way the buttons are half hidden and the clever layering. i am a painter using textile matter along anti traditional matter, your work very tight use of mark texture and shape relationships, is it your own design ? very sensitive and refined stiching(drawing)

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